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2 different duolingo versions for android app?

Hi there, Maybe here i can find some clarification, as google didnt answer my question. Me and a friend of mine have android samsungs, he downloaded duo couple months ago, me maybe half a year ago. His app however looks very different. Wanted to post a screenshot, but cant from the phone. While in my case i up to recently i collected gems (now lingots), i have lessons in my units and they turn gold upon finishing, in his case each unit has has to be repated several times and then he reaches a new lvl of the same skill, then he has to repeat it maybe 6times to reach yet another level etc etc. And he has gold crowns. Is duolingo testing a new version? Seems both versions keep on getting updates. Thx:)

March 31, 2018



Your friend has Skill Levels - a new feature that only some users have so far. (You can't request to have it, but it'll roll out to everyone in a few weeks' time.)

Here's the announcement: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615588

And here's some more recent info: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837


Duolingo is constantly testing new features and alternate ways of doing things, using so-called A/B testing. They enable a new feature to some fraction of the users, and then evaluate to see if it's an improvement or not. If they decide that it works well, then it gets rolled out to the entire user base.

In this case Crowns is a new feature that will soon be standard for everyone.

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