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  5. "You drink this milk."

"You drink this milk."

Translation:Tu bois ce lait.

March 31, 2018



Why "cet" has not been chosen?


"Cet" is used in front of masculine nouns that begin with vowel sounds. Lait is masculine, but the first letter is a consonant, so you would use "ce" here.

Examples of cet + masculine noun: cet arbre, cet appartement, cet homme. (Homme is interesting because even though it begins with a consonant, the h is silent so the first sound is a vowel.)
Examples of ce + masculine noun: ce stylo, ce garçon, ce chat.
Examples of cette + feminine noun: cette femme, cette pomme, cette boîte.


I put "tu bois" and it was marked wrong. So annoying


What was the rest of your answer?


I'm guessing you don't need to say 'du lait' as 'ce' indicates that you are referring to a specific carton of milk?


That's correct. Possessive adjectives replace the articles.


Why not vous bouvez instead of tu bois?


Should be vous buvez not vous bouvez


You are right. I wasn't paying very close attention. The correct answer vous buvez. Thanks David.


Why "ca" has not been accepted.


Ça is a pronoun (replaces a noun). Tu aimes ce poisson ? Oui, j'aime ça ! (ça replaces "ce poisson").

Ce is a possessive adjective. Which milk? This milk or "ce" lait. Possessive adjectives are always followed by a noun and they tell whose or which one it is.


Please talk ab ce ca cet cette


ce, cet, cette are possessive adjectives meaning "this" or "that."

cette femme → this/that woman
ce garçon → this/that boy
cet homme → this/that man (note that "cet" is used in front of words beginning in a vowel sound)
ces gens → these/those people

Ça is a pronoun that replaces a noun. Tu aimes la viande ? Non, je déteste ça. (Ça is replacing "la viande").

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