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"Les auditeurs de cette radio peuvent passer des messages."

Translation:The listeners of this radio station can pass on messages.

March 31, 2018



What is this supposed to mean? If "pass on messages" is correct then it means the listeners would tell their friends about something they heard from a radio programme.

If instead it means the listeners can phone in and announce messages on the show, then the English translation is wrong.


Could some French native confirm which one of these 2 meanings is expressed in this sentence?


I cannot understand why it cannot be radio programme and has to be radio show!


This and the prior lesson have many strange translations like this one. Since there are very few comments, I suspect these are new entries that have not yet been fine tuned by member discussions. N'est-ce pas?


Other comments noted. Also English would normally be "listeners to" rather than "listeners of"


Radio must mean radio station. It sounds like talk back radio!


The audio for this (female voice) sound like it is saying "de message" here not "des messages"


"The listeners at this radio station......." or "The listeners of this radio station......." makes little difference, this in semantics.


I cannot read what I wrote because duo's answer covers my answer on my Android phone.


It's not clear if this means "people who listen together to one specific piece of equipment" or "people who listen separately on their own sets to a radio station" - if it's the first one, I can't really figure out a modern context for the sentence.


It means the latter


I put "....Radio programme.....", the translation i got back was "......Radio show....." and the official translation (above) is ''.....Radio station......". What's the difference between "programme" and "show" (except that both SHOULD have the word "emission" realistically)? I deliberately DIDN'T put station.!


Ditto. I put "program" with same negative result. Report it as I will. Show and program mean the same thing.


I put, "The listeners of this radio station may pass messages and was marked wrong. Huh?


cette is NOT a choice where the missing words are shown


"Listeners to this station" is the normal phrasing in English


I just translated it directly and got it right. I have no idea what it means.


The radio station listeners can pass on messages was marked wong

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