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Slow audio mode in feedback pages

Hello there,

I was wondering if we could have the slow mode available in feedback pages.

I often see people thinking they heard something weird in the audio, but when I check the audio myself the pronunciation is good. It's only their audio skills in the language that need more practice, but I can't help them if their problem is on the slow mode version of the sentence.

Can you please make the slow mode available for feedback pages ? Thanks a lot.

March 22, 2013



Nice idea. It can be difficult to fully hear how another person is hearing and interpreting a sentence in these scenarios, but that said it would be easier if the slow button was right there. I"ll bring this back to the team. Thank you!


Yeah well, I was only thinking about telling them whether or not the pronunciation is correct, and if it is, help them with the words they are struggling with. But yes, I know it's not possible to know how another person hear or understand something, I wasn't thinking about trying to get into their minds xD.


It is definitely helpful to get a second opinion on the pronunciation- sometimes there are issues there, so thank you for helping in that way!

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