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Is it possible for a French moderator to contact me 1:1?

I realize it is an unusual request.

My reason for asking is that there is a sentence in Animals 2 which seems to be an invitation for spam (or worse). For obvious reasons I don't want to post about it in the public areas.

They are free to use my email associated w/my account.

Edit: If it is preferred, I can post the info here. Just me know how to proceed.

March 31, 2018



The sentence itself is useful and benign. In the context of the skill, it is out of place.

I was given (Vos filles sont mignonnes - Your daughters are cute) in Animals 2, Level 0, lesson 3.


I know of several individuals who like to troll (they are not on DL, it's just that the second I read that sentence, they came to mind.) They would immediately comment in a very childish way re: women being animals/sub-human, etc. And it would go downhill from there.

Plus, the sentence doesn't build on the Animals theme. All it does is require the user to learn the fem.plural of mignon (which was introduced to me in that skill).

Obviously, I have no way to know if the software inserted that sentence and it wan't by moderator/content designer intent.

If it can be modified/blocked, there are a few feminine animals in the unit which could solve the issue in a flash.

  • la chèvre - introduced Animals 2, L0, lesson 1

  • l’oie - introduced Animals 2, L0, lesson 2

The sentence could morph to: (Les chèvres sont mignonnes - Goats are cute) (Les oies sont mignonnes - Geese are cute)

Thanks for being there!



Thanks for the update. It does seem as if that sentence would be better placed under "family" but the course contributors decide deliberately which lesson each sentence should belong to, and when to introduce different vocabulary and points of grammar. They're knowledgable and experienced in language pedagogy, and I trust their judgment.

We'll keep an eye on that and if it develops a bad following, we'll do a clean-up and lock it.

Thanks for the heads up!


I kindly disagree. Pls forward to course contributors.


I had replied but I need to run do stuff. Sorry - maybe later ;)


Whoops. I replied to myself. Pinging you here as well.


If you do see spam (or worse), you can also report it to abuse@duolingo.com. Anything that violates the Duolingo guidelines can be reported. https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines


Thanks for the link. I've added it to my notes.

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