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"I am a student, what about you?"


March 31, 2018



My variant: 我是学生, 你呢?The right answer: 我是学生,你呢? ffs really?


ive noticed when using my chinese keyboard that if i use a comma and a space it counts it wrong, beacuse the comma on the chinese keyboard automatically has a space already, idk if thats your problem or not, but worth a shot


same of me。。。


i just wanted to ask that when using a computer/online web, it does not change to mandarin when i type in pinyin whereas it does on the phone so when i try to spell in pinyin it gets wrong, even though what I am trying to say is right. Is there a way it can change?


Add the Chinese language pack in your keyboard settings if on windows, then type using pinyin to be able to convert to characters.


Is there, or how can i write in chinese as answer when translating from english?


The Chinese translation is not working for this sentence

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