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It's time Duolingo starts extending!!!

Think there has to be more and new exercises!

I feel like im not learning anything anymore! I have finished the course and repeating every exercise daily.

Am i the onlt one?

March 31, 2018



There are some new exercises that have been in testing, so there is a possibility that they will roll out soon. But feeling as though you aren't learning anything from Duolingo anymore seems like a good cue to move on. There are many ways to learn, and once you have exhausted one, avail yourself of the others.


Duolingo is designed to get you through the beginner stages of the language: A2/B1 in the Common European Framework, or ~the equivalent of through level II/early level III in American High School VI-level class system.

The object of the course is to quickly and efficiently give you the tools you need to be able to pursue your further language education on your own, i.e. by visiting the country, watching tv/movies, and reading books/newspapers in your target language. If you feel that Duolingo's got too easy for you, then that's a pretty good indicator that it's time to start doing those other things.


Why don't you try the activities in the lab? The stories are challenging and fun.


There also is a Spanish podcast: https://podcast.duolingo.com/


Hi Miquella,

have you tried the reverse tree SP-EN or laddering trees?

This should focus on typing in Spanish on the old strength system (may be different with Skill crown level update).

Your English level 10 flag may already indiciate this, but I can not see or verify it.

Unfortunately SP-NL is not yet available in the incubator: https://incubator.duolingo.com/

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