"We take our shoes off."

Translation:Nous enlevons nos chaussures.

March 31, 2018

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DL uses the verb 'Retirer' for the enlish 'Take off' However, the drop down for 'Take off' contains only Suivre, Reprendre and Emporte


I'm not sure which hint you're looking at... "nous retirons/on retire" is accepted, but not the Best translation. The Best is "nous enlevons".


Hi Trofaste - sorry if I confused you. I was revising the module 'Present 2' and was asked to translate the following into french ... 'We take our shoes off' I hovered over 'take' and was presented with three options ... Suivre, Reprendre and Emporte No sign of either Retirer or Enlever


OK, I see what it was. There was no hint for "take [...] off" (in other words, "take off" with words in between), just for "take off", so when you hovered over "take" it showed the hints for... "take". Added some hints. :)


?? I was given the translation "on ote nos chaussures," not the one above. first time I've seen "ote." any idea why?


"ôte" is the 3rd person singular conjugation (used with "on") of "ôter", which is another verb which can be used for "take [sth] off" so is accepted. When you make a mistake, Duo's algorithm tries to find the accepted answer closest to the one you gave and show that as the correction. Unfortunately, it's a very flawed algorithm...


Why is "notre" not allowed?


Because here, "chaussures" is in its plural forms so notre (which is used to tell the singular) is not accepted. We have mon-ma-mes ton-ta-tes notre-notre-nos votre-votre-vos...


Somebody please share when nos is used and when notre is used..or as in above "notres chaussures" (why is this wrong)??


As possessive adjectives, "notre" is singular, "nos" is plural.

"nôtres" is a pronoun - "le nôtre" = "our one", "les nôtres" = "our ones". Both are usually expressed as "ours" in English, but if you think of it as "our one(s)" it will help you remember what to use in French.


Why is "souliers" not accepted instead of chaussures?

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