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(Answered) “Die Apotheke hat/ist geschlossen.” ?

My workbook’s Lösungen say that it’s “hat (ist Zusstandspassiv S. 75)”. But my gut feelings says “ist”, and from what I’ve googled, Zusstandspassiv takes “sein”. I don’t know what the “S.” Means. The number may be the pages in the Textbook explaining the topic, which I don’t have. Could anyone help me here?

March 31, 2018


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Both versions are correct.

The "S. 75" is short for "Seite 75".


what the S means? what S?

as a native german i would go for 'hat geschlossen' just as google told you. but 'ist geschlossen' wouldn't be wrong either.


both should be correct. The shop "hat geschlossen", but its entrance "ist geschlossen".

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S. 75 means Seite 75 (page 75)


'Die Apotheke ist zu ' geht auch.


That, or "Die Apotheke hat zu".

"Die Apotheke ist geschlossen" could also mean that it's closed down permanently.

Personally, I'll use all these variations, but if I add e.g. "heute" or "schon", I prefer "hat": "Die Apotheke hat heute/schon geschlossen/zu."

And, cf. Hannibal-Barkas's comment: if I try to open the door and realise they're not open for business, I'd probably say, "Die Apotheke ist zu/geschlossen", because at that moment I'm thinking more of the closed entrance than of the closed shop.

And it's "Sie haben geschlossen" ("They're closed") vs. "Da / es ist geschlossen" ("It's closed"), which, I think, is an indication for the connotations Hannibal-Barkas mentioned.

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