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Swahili egg/eggs

I don't know how to get this to the admin since there is no option to report an error. On the Swahili Food 1, there is a request to provide a translation of Egg/Eggs with the obvious translation of Yai/Mayai The "correct" version shows "Mayai, Yai" which is inverted (and uses a comma rather than a slash) To get past this, I copied the text given "Mayai, Yai" straight into the answer field and was told that this too was incorrect, despite it being the "right" answer. There is no option to report for this question, so the only way around was to skip the question - fortunately the final one.

March 31, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Salama i think i have found the answer to your query. instead of putting down yai/mayai the forward slash means "OR" its asking you the translation of egg "or"eggs not egg and eggs so just put down one of the two. in addition if that does not work to your advantage then you should find more grammatical errors and see if you can report them if not then left click the website and report it. because being Kenyan myself i have noticed the terrible grammar as well.


    yes I have found similar wonky translations with no way to report them!

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