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joining a group - help needed

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I've just tried to join a Romanian group, but although it tells me I can invite someone or leave all I see is the word leader board, so I assumed there was no one else in it.

I spoke to a friend who is in a Duo Welsh group, and she gave me a code to get into her group... but the same thing has happened. She has contact with others in her group, and tasks from Duo, but mine has nothing.

I've just come on line to see if I could get anything this way instead, but drawn a blank as to how to get into the group.

Any ideas please. I have an android Huawei as does the friend.


5 months ago

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Groups have a maximum space of 50 users. If you are trying to join a group by group's code and this group already has 50 users, you can not join it. I am also using Android and don't have any problems to join/leave groups for the 5 languages I study.

You may try to remove and reinstall Duolingo from Google Play Store and login back into your account. In this way application cache will be cleared.

3 months ago