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"Der Schüler"

Translation:The pupil

April 20, 2014



what is the difference between "student" and "schulr"?


A "Schüler" attends a primary or secondary school. "Schüler" are usually between 5 and 19 years old.

A "Student" attends a college or a university. "Studenten" are usually at least 17 or 18 years old.


Just a small thing to add:

Schüler can be also used to mean an "Azubi", a person who is learning a profession either thru a school or apprenticeship. It is however a regional thing and on some areas they are rather called a "Lehrling" or just "Azubi".

For example a person how is studying (using the word in the English sense) to become a nurse in a nursing school is often referred (at least here in South) as "Pflegeschüler".

In English they would be called students, in German never.


And for anyone wondering, "Azubi" is apparently an abbreviation of "Auszubildender" (which, as stated, means "apprentice" or "trainee").


Der Schüler is one , singular. Die Schüler are more, plural.


Why isn't 'the school student' accepted as an answer? There's no way to report an 'unnatural English translation'. NO ONE uses the word 'pupil' in normal English language for a student. It's an archaic usage.


Totally agree. At least in US English, pupil is almost never used to mean student anymore. It is a meaning I know; but not one that I would ever use in normal speech.

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