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  5. "bIlegh'eghlaHbe'."


Translation:You couldn't see yourself.

March 31, 2018



Isn't "bI" the pronoun meaning "They (inanim.)" ?


No. That is bIH and is not attached to the verb, but separated as its own word.

Be careful that you don't fall into the trap of seeing a false pattern in comparing the prefixes to the pronouns. It is true that jI- is the prefix for "I" and jIH is the pronoun for "I". It is also true that ma- is the prefix for "we" and maH is the pronoun for "we". However, that is as far as the pattern goes. bI- is the prefix for "you (singular)" and SoH is the pronoun for "you (singular). And - (the null or absent prefix) is the prefix for "they (inanim.)" and bIH is the pronoun for "they (inanim.)".


This comment clears SO much of the fog, thank you!

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