"Étant malade, je ne peux pas travailler."

Translation:Being sick, I cannot work.

March 31, 2018

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According to my french schoolbook "While being sick, I cannot work" should be acceptable Has anyone tried it?


i was marked wrong saying "by being sick, i cannot work" ? When i should say being sick, and when by being sick?


"Being sick" is simply a description. Adding the "by" to become "by being sick" indicates a method, purpose, or instruction. In other words, you're telling yourself to get sick when you're not. This does not make sense, and it is not the intended meaning of the French sentence.


"Being sick, I am not able to work" should be accepted and is absolutely accurate to the French


That is already accepted. Incidentally, I saw a typo in a report the day you posted your comment: "bring" instead of "being". The software wouldn't like that.

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