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  5. "voHDajbo' wIDIlqangbe'."

"voHDajbo' wIDIlqangbe'."

Translation:We are not willing to pay ransom.

March 31, 2018



You should accept a "the" in the meaning between "pay" and "ransom".


We do. Either the system messed something up or there was some other error present. Did you report your answer as "should be accepted"? Could you upload a screen shot somewhere and post a link to it here?


Maybe I wasn't clear enough, there I didn't see a "the" in the word bank to allow a correct answer. And I don't know how to re-do that specific lesson to get a screen shot.


It seems it randomly picked one of the acceptable translations for those word bank sentences. And since we have both with and without "the" as acceptable, it randomly choose one for you and picked the one without "the", it seems.

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