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"Estoy esperando fuera del hotel."

Translation:I am waiting outside the hotel.

March 31, 2018



When does one use afuera, vs. fuera? Does afuera mean outside without reference to an object?


I second this question. I looked it up online, but found conflicting information.


I found this online:

Keep in mind these are used differently in Latin America and Spain. In Spain, the tendency is to use afuera with motion verbs, the same way that adonde is used, and to use fuera with state verbs. Estoy fuera (I'm outside), voy afuera (I'm going outside). But in Latin America, afuera is used for both.



Can "espero" also mean "I am waiting?"


"outside of the hotel" should have been accepted


i hate that freaking voice


I don't understand espero vs esperando. Can someone please explain?


'Espero' is the 1st person conjugation of the verb 'esperar'. It specifically means 'I wait' OR 'I am waiting'. It can be translated to both because English can use either form for present tense events.

In contrast, 'esperando' is the verb in its gerundio form. It is used in the present progressive tense only. That tense is used to emphasize that the action is currently happening (as Duo's sentence here). The present progressive tense must use the verb 'estar'. So 'Estoy' (I am) 'esperando' (waiting). Did that help?


"outside of the hotel" should have been accepted


It is now, 20 Feb 2019. Thanks for reporting!


Would "yo espero fuera del hotel" mean the same?


yydelilah, yes. It certainly could though there are sometimes subtle differences between the two tenses. Did you happen to see my other post? It explains in more detail. Feel free to post a reply there if you have further questions.


Thanks for the reply Michael307373. I did read your other post. I just wanted to be sure I fully understood it. Grammar was never my forte!


Does "esperando" not mean waiting for?....Like Buscando means Looking for? if so, why is not just Espero? I am waiting? It doesn't make sense to say I am waiting for outside the hotel?

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