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L'ho fatto!

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I've done it (or rather, them)! Both Eng-Ital and Ital-Eng trees completed, and both, however briefly, gold. Yay, me! :D

Now I'm looking forward to getting the crowns update so I can get new stuff on my Eng-Ital tree.

March 31, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I admire you more for having a full golden tree than for finishing. ( although congrats for that ) I thought it would be relatively easy to keep mine all gold after finishing. Ha ha, silly me. Almost before my eyes the skills deteriorate. I can get everything gold except the subjunctives with a plan of doing them tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and there are more degraded skills than the day before. Foolishly I have a target to become DL free within two years ie reasonably fluent enough to hold everyday conversations without hesitations.

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    Yeah. My all-gold lasted maybe an hour! I admire you for getting to level 25. That still seems a long way off.


    Tanti aguri la vita canta! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_guNEfxTII May bee not my favorites but its fascinating how much you can find out there


    I never thought of doing the trees in the opposite direction. I think Italian-English and French to English will be great practice. Thank-you.

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    No worries. Be warned with the Italian, though: it's not great and is clearly not being maintained. If you think your answer should be right, then it's always worth looking at the discussion thread for that sentence and you'll find a bunch of confused Italians from a few years ago listing valid answers and complaining that they're not being accepted.


    Well done! I have just today started "learning" English from Italian as I decided my Italian was at a good enough level to understand the interface (it is :-) )

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    Good luck! See my reply to Bernadette above, though, with regard to the Ital-Eng tree. It should be used with caution.


    Nice job! I'm a complete pile of trash at Italian; Hence i'll probably finish my tree when I'm a higher level.


    Fantastic! Well done






    Benissimo, Rangdo... I've finished both courses as well and I think they are both excellent.

    Well done and best wishes!

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