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"The interaction"

Translation:Der Umgang

March 31, 2018



Umgang vs Interaktion?


I would not translate "interaction" as "Umgang". When I hear "Umgang", I think of the people that someone has contact with. But this is not "interaction"; it's rather "(bad) company" (I think "Umgang" is mostly used with a negative connotation; "Was hast du denn für einen Umgang?").

"Interaction" can be "Interaktion" (if it refers to people) or "das Umgehen (mit anderen Personen)" or "Wechselwirkung" (if it refers to technical components, for example).

Here's what LEO says on "Umgang": https://dict.leo.org/german-english/umgang And "Interaction": https://dict.leo.org/german-english/interaction

Someone would really have to show me a sentence in which "interaction" can be "Umgang". I can't think of any.


I just searched a little further and found instances in which "Umgang" can be translated as "interaction". For example: "Der richtige Umgang mit Menschen" (the right way of interacting with /dealing with people). But you can see that even here, I would not use "interaction" as the translation because "interaction" refers to individual actions, whereas "Umgang" means the whole approach. This is my understanding.

Let's wait for other opinions.

Edit 2:

I found the thread in the other direction: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12785201/Der-Umgang

It includes one sentence "Der Umgang mit ihr war nicht wirklich gut", translated to "The interaction with her was not really good". This looks OK-ish to me (although I think I would phrase it differently in German). But interestingly, the other sentences mentioned in that discussion do not give these "der Umgang" "the interaction" as equivalents.


Umgang means "company, dealing" - interaction means "Interaktion, Wechselwirkung", which is the correct word here.


Yes, I agree. The better translation for "interaction" is "Wechselwirkung/Wechselbeziehung/Interaktion". I could not find "Umgang" among the possibilities for "interaction":


My translation: "Die Wechselwirkung" was accepted.


"Die Wechselwirkung" worked for me, too :)


Was soll der Blödsinn? Immer einzelne Worte mit begrenzter Übersetzunsmöglichkeit. Da kann man schon die Lust verlieren! (Umgang bietet dict.cc gar nicht an, dafür 10 andere)

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