"C'est de l'ail frais."

Translation:This is fresh garlic.

March 31, 2018



Come on! I wrote "This garlic is fresh" and was marked wrong! We say it either way in English and it means exactly the same thing. We do not have the same strict rules about where the adjective is placed as long as it is clear which noun it is modifying.

If the various responses to these exercises could somehow be reviewed by a native English speaker, it would be greatly appreciated and certainly less frustrating.

Submitted with love :o)

March 31, 2018


Always remember to back-translate your English sentences to see if they get back to the French original sentence exactly:

  • "This garlic is fresh" = Cet ail est frais.

The focus of this statement is a description of the subject as being fresh.

The focus of the original sentence "c'est de l'ail frais/it is fresh garlic" is an identification of the object shown (ail frais/fresh garlic) as a whole.

I can hear that there is not much difference, but since you may not guess what Duolingo wants to teach you, I will suggest (with love) you should stick to the French sentence's construction whenever it is grammatically possible in English.

April 1, 2018


My challenge is finding a way to stick that translation in my brain. Since my brain naturally interprets it both ways and I've now seen it in print both ways, i end up repeating the exercise several times forgetting which I usedand which it corrected me to. I do want to learn but share the above poster's frustration.

May 6, 2018

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Consider the following sentences with similar meanings but they are translated differently:

  • C'est de l'ail frais. = It is fresh garlic.
  • L'ail est frais. = The garlic is fresh.
June 30, 2018


"This is ..." is identifying the object. I'm picturing chopped or crushed garlic, which might not be obvious if you're not familiar with it and can't smell it.

"This garlic is ..." is giving information about something already identified as garlic.

Yes, there might be situations where you could use either one, but there are also situations where they're not interchangeable.

May 24, 2018
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