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"Nous allons commander de beaux sacs."

Translation:We are going to order nice bags.

March 31, 2018



I don't hear a plural in this to differentiate between "de beaux sacs" and "de beau sac" and the "de" indicated to me that it was singular. Can you explain, please?


Further to relox's explanation, remember that the plural of un is des which converts to de when followed by an adjective that comes before the noun → beaux sacs.


"de beaux sacs" can only be plural, as singular would be "un beau sac", and "de beau sac" is not grammatically correct in this context.


how can i tell that it's not 'deux beaux sacs'?


I'm afraid I don't really know how to explain it due to not being a native English speaker and thus not thinking in English "sounds", but there's a small difference between how "de" and "deux" are pronounced. Try putting them next to each other in for example Google Translate, press the listen button, and see if you can tell the difference?


Totally agree !!


Why not beautiful or handsome bags? I thought gentil was "nice."


"Gentil" means "nice" in terms of personality, not looks. Also "beau" isn't really limited to strictly one or two single words (see here: http://www.wordreference.com/fren/beau) so I think the translation of "nice" is just because it sounds better with this particular sentence. I think "beautiful" should be accepted too but I don't know if it is or not.


I always listen to the audio and try to figure it out first, peeking at the text only if needed. I swore I heard "de boosacks" (à la Buk Lau from Ownage Pranks) at the end and I gave up figuring out the audio XD


What's wrong with "We are going to order some pretty bags."?


I believe "jolis" might be a closer equivalent to "pretty".

[deactivated user]

    "We are going to request nice bags" is not accepted. Is there a special word for request? In English these two are pretty interchangeable.


    As far as I know, "to order" and "to request" are not interchangeable.

    "To request" = demander "To order" = commander


    Again I disagree with the insistance that "beaux" should be "nice"..... the commentary /word bank doesnt suggest this option. What is wrong with lovely in this context?


    I don't know. At first glance I would say "beautiful," but that is just my opinion. I don't see anything wrong with "lovely" so I guess it just wasn't the word they were looking for.

    Also, I wouldn't say "lovely bags." "A lovely purse" perhaps, but not "a lovely bag" (Just me!). I think that "beautiful" is just a better word choice than "lovely."


    The word "beau" has many uses and its translation to English varies slightly depending on the context. In terms of a product such as used in this sentence, "de beaux sacs" may be interpreted as choosing the ones of better quality, i.e., nice bags, good bags. "Beautiful" is left in for those who can't get past "beau=beautiful".


    I often use 'pretty' because in my mind it is interchangeable with nice or beautiful. Duolingo rejects 'pretty' which always confuses me.


    My answer was "We are going to order for nice bags" but I was marked wrong. Why is that so?


    In English, is sounds weird. We wouldn't say "order for" when "order" is a verb. We might say that we "ordered it for " but that is with the "it" between the two words.


    "We are going to order lovely bags" doesn't work?

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