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  5. "You have just eaten lunch."

"You have just eaten lunch."

Translation:Tu viens de déjeuner.

March 31, 2018



Where is the eaten verb in this sentence?


"Déjeuner" is a verb meaning "to eat lunch" or "to have lunch."


And also a noun? Until now, that's the only usage I've seen


Yes, "un déjeuner" is a noun with its article, as well as "un dîner", which can also show as the verb "dîner".


I'm finding this entire lesson very difficult and frustrating. It would really help to have some hints and tips on it to actually teach us what we're supposed to understand.


The construction venir + de + infinitive is used to say that an action has just happened. It's called the "near past" or "recent past."

  • Je viens de parler = I have just spoken
  • Tu viens de marcher = You just walked
  • Il vient de manger = He just ate
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