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  5. "Are the children ready?"

"Are the children ready?"

Translation:Est-ce que les enfants sont prêts ?

March 31, 2018



Why is 'sont les enfants prêts' not accepted?


Inverting verb and subject to form questions is only done with a pronoun. This means that to use inversion, you have to insert the appropriate pronoun and invert that with the verb.

  • Les enfants sont-ils prêts ? = Are the children ready?

A word for word translation from the English does not work here because it violates the French grammar rule.


That's what I wrote but was not acceptable...


And why isn't Sont ils les enfants prets Not acceptable


Very unnatural word order. You would rather say "sont-ils prêts les enfants".


Why sont at all and not just Est-ce que les enfants prets?


Because "sont" is the verb "are".

"Est-ce que" is not a verb and is simply a tool to turn a statement into a question. You slap it in front of a sentence and it becomes a question.

  • Les enfants sont prêts. = The children are ready.
  • Est-ce que les enfants sont prêts ? = Are the children ready?


êtes-vous prêtes les enfants Why is this not right ?


Because the question is not addressing the children directly. When you use "vous", you're asking the children themselves, instead of someone else. Also, since "enfants" defaults as a masculine noun, use "prêts".

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