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"La petite fille a un biscuit et son frère n'en a pas. Il est jaloux."

Translation:The little girl has a cookie and her brother does not have any. He is jealous.

March 31, 2018



The little girl has a cookie and her brother does not. He is jealous.

What's wrong with the answer?

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Please explain to me "n'en a pas".


The pronoun "en" stands for "de + something mentioned before".

In this case "en" stands for "de biscuit": la petite fille a un biscuit et son frère n'a pas de biscuit.


Please.. i am Australian not American. Biscuits


The girl had a BISCUIT, she did not have a COOKIE!!. I thought that Duo had sorted that out a long time ago. You only have COOKIES in America.


Not so. "Pilot biscuits" are commonplace, although they were more so when we ate less sugary food.


This is the longest listening activity I think I've ever seen on this site and possibly the only with a word bank.


It's not jealousy, it's envy. He wants what she has.


Absolutely. Wake up, Duolingo!


A lot of words are missing!!! I cannot solve this sentence!!


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If the tile that is missing varies from one attempt to another, then it's very likely that the tile is actually here but hidden. Hence that the zoom-out workaround will work.

The zoom-out is not an optimal solution (yes, things should appear at 100% too), but it's at least a way to pass the exercise in the many cases where the tile is actually there but hidden at zoom=100%).

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