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Fluency score

I used to be at 63% fluent. I upped the time I spend daily from 30 to 50. Yet now my fluency score is 57%. Why is it getting worse? How is it calculated and how can I improve?

April 1, 2018



the fluency score is pretty much completely random at this point, you can learn like 10 sentences and it'll say you're 15% fluent or something, but spend time to actually strengthen and develop your tree and it'll drop for seemingly no reason.

duolingo has recognized its uselessness and it's going to be removed in the next update. best to just ignore it for now.


Thank you, this is helpful. I always thought it was ridiculously precise (how can one be 63% fluent?), but I didn't know that it was completely random!


It's not completely random, but it's not at all accurate.


Just ignore it. Seems pretty pointless.

Personally I focus on maintaining my streak, 20-50 mins a day for 100 days etc I would imagine would be a much better sign of your fluency than the duolingo one.


Have you tried listening and reading the stories in the lab? You might be surprised at how successful you are in answering the questions in the stories. I think the success boosts your self confidence in understanding Spanish and validates how fluent you are. I haven't gotten above 58% on th fluency and I think it's close to my proficiency in the language. Good luck with all your effort and hard work. SY


I've finished all the stories in Spanish. BTW, it's a little irritating that they keep suggesting I try them! That bug could be fixed. I sure don't think I've gotten worse, yet my fluency reduced from 63% to 57%, as I increased the time I spend. I'm now working on "Practice Makes Perfect," which isn't as much fun but gives better explanations and help with grammar.


Wow. That's confusing. I don't understand how your fluency could drop with all the work you are doing. I'm working on the stories and was hoping I would improve my fluency. I am almost finished with set two. I keep practicing the skills that show I need practice, however, my fluency has not changed from 58% since I reached level 20. Little by little I know I am increasing my vocabulary and that's a positive. Do you think the fluency related to the level number? SY

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