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Learning German and French at the same time?


I have been learning german with duolingo and rosetta stone and a googling some online resources. i am at level 11 and 45% fluency according to duolingo. In terms of real fluency though, i feel i am not doing so well be it framing sentences or having a solid grasp of German grammar. With this, will starting French be a whole lot to take? I have heard French is hard. Appreciate your inputs.


April 1, 2018



Early German grammar and vocabulary are easy, almost like speaking English with a German accent. After that, it gets hard FAST: The grammar is a mind-bender, and the vocabulary gets, well, "abstract" is the best word I can use to describe it. EXTREMELY abstract.

If you've ever studied Spanish or Italian, French will be pretty easy. It's not bad even if you haven't. There will be sounds you have to make that you may have never made before, but the grammar and vocab are not that bad for a native English speaker.

I'm currently concentrating on Italian, French, Spanish, and German and not getting confused. I thought German would be easier as I lived there for 9 months several years ago, but as noted above, once you reach a certain point, the game changes ENTIRELY.

All that said, I LOVE all of it. Good luck with all your linguistic adventures.


BryanLouiselle - I love your description of learning German from English. When I started German - I thought - wow, this is EASY. Then not too much later, I thought wow this is HARD.


From my very limited knowledge, French and German aren't very similar. You can start French if you want, it's very similar to other Romance languages, but if you don't have any experience with Romance languages then French will be significantly harder. Good luck with whatever you choose

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As long as you can spend a little time every day on each language, you should be able to learn the two languages together.

Be aware, of course, that you will be advancing slower in German once you divert studying time to French. You'd obviously improve your German faster by spending 40 minutes on German every day than you would spending 20 minutes on German and 20 minutes on French. So you can't let it frustrate you when you encounter longer lulls, those periods of time when you don't seem to be progressing in the language.

Of course, there are some ways you can practice both languages at once!

In addition to starting the French from English tree, you can also start the French from German tree. This will give you a new way to look at both German grammar and French grammar. You will certainly advance more slowly on this tree, but it can help you develop your German while learning French. When you want to start practicing your listening skills in German, you can search youtube for videos in German teaching French.

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