"Non, je suis une fille."

Translation:No, I am a girl.

April 1, 2018

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Why so very many repetitions of the same sentences i wonder! And such odd ones that are unlikely to be used! Non, je suis un garçon?


Here, here. By level 4 we should be able to expect something mire challenging, even in Basics!


I like that it was said in a male voice :)


Yeah, Duo would have sounded more convincing if she had used her female voice.


Do we pronounce "suis une" as "swee oohn" or "swee zoohn"? The pronunciation here is the former, while google translate has it as the latter.


It is the latter though there are some that say the liaison is optional. The voices are TTS (the female Parisian, the male southern France). If you heard the male voice, as I did, it is left out but I think the female does make the liaison.


Thank you very much.


I heard the female voice, no liaison.


Ripcurlgirl: Do people in the South of France tend to leave out the liaison?


Liaisons are not a matter of regional accent, but of register of speech. Usually, the use of liaisons is related to the level of education.


I would recommend the liaison here because linking UI and U is really awkward.


Oh, so is "une" the feminine usage of the word?


By now you probably know, but yes. :-)


Always remember: Une is feminine and Un is masculine


Why is the sentence about a girl spoken by a man? Ive noticed that a lot. It honestly threw me off the first few times.


The sentences are just randomly assigned to any of the two voices.


Basics are basics. One will eventually appreciate the basics are useful in maintaining your xp's if you have a busy day or are too tired to do the more challenging lessons BUT at least you are then doing SOME practice EACH day. The Tiny Cards app by duo is fun and simple for repetions AND excellent for learning forever the "la" et "le". Take encouragement as the longer you continue with DUO the more you will appreciate its subtleties. Sometimes you might have man's voice saying, "I am a girl." You will not forget such items that will make you laugh or inspire you to make a comment. Cheers HTH


Am I right in thinking that the two Ls form the same sort of sound that 2 Ls in Spanish do? So "fille" is pronounced like "fiy-eh"?


It is more like "fiy-uh".


Sometimes it does. I dont remember right off hand any examples of "ll" not being pronounced like "y" but i just remember there are instances. You will just have to learn them.




What does "je suis" mean and how is it pronounced?


Your ear will pick up on pronunciation more and more as you go along. I'd say je suis (which means "I am") sounds like when you're a kid on a swing set yelling, "weeeeeeee" only with a "juh" and a "s" sound infront of it: juh sweeeeee. A lot of questions will give you an option to repeat the audio. Hovering the mouse over the word might also give it's pronunciation on some questions as well as the meaning. If you don't know the answer, you can always just give it your best guess, and if you're wrong it will give you the correct answer. You aren't really penalized for wrong answers; it just repeats the question at the end of the lesson to make sure you learn it.


At least try the course for a while before asking basic questions. You have 50 xp which means that you have completed on 5 very basic lessons. Keep going and, then, if it is still too tough, ask questions. After all, by the answer given, it is evident it means "I am".


I got the translation right yet i was wrong? Thats the second time on the same question. The first time i missed the punctuation then second the period at the end. Does that even matter?


No, punctuation is not a reason for rejection (unfortunately). So there must have been another mistake. In such a case, please report it during the exercise.


I love French


Whts the difference between un and une


Excuse me??my answer was correct and this says its wrong!!


Reminder: There is one discussion thread per sentence but several types of exercises per sentence. Besides, your exercise was not recorded and nobody could see you while you were doing it.

So if something went wrong, you should give the details of the exercise, your answer and the system's response, so that we can help you or report a problem.


Here's what it sounds like in timed practice:

"No, I am a girl. No, I am a boy... wait... I am a man and you are a woman."


"No. No, I am a boy."


Why couldn't it have been No, I am a boy??


"Un garçon" = a boy "Une fille" = a girl


Do French people really speak this quickly? If so, cool☺


Unfortunately for us, oui!


My translation was No i am a girl, the casing of the 'i' was wrong.


All right then, so next time, don't forget to capitalize "I".


What mean 'm'appelle'?


Word for word, it means "call myself".

"Je m'appelle XX" is the phrase to give your name.


Why cannot we use boy? Why is it "I am a girl" what is the difference?


You are supposed to translate the sentences you are given, not to interpret them.

"Un garçon" = a boy
"Une fille" = a girl


With the male voice I heard, I wonder if it is more correct "je suis UNE trans-fille" or "je suis UN trans-fille"? Just wondering, so early in the program... 30Jul18


This doesn't make any sense both of the choices that I'm given would technically be correct. 1 choice is boy the other choice is girl.


"Fille" means girl.


Are "un" and "une" pronounced differently?


How do you pronounce fille.


Fee-(year). Just "fee", actually, but ending in a soft "year".


The last word being blank had two acceptable answers listed. Multiple correct answers should be allowed


No, after "une" there was only one word that could fit: "girl".

"Boy" would need "un" and "m'appelle" (call myself) would not make any sense after "Non, je suis une.../No, I am a..."


You're absolutely right. I missed the point of the exercise and didn't pay attention to the question.

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