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Sie SIND eine Frau?? Confused on German- Please help!

This whole time I've been learning, I thought "sind" was to be used for Plural cases, however DuoLingo is telling me that:

"You are a woman, I am a boy"

should be translated to:

"Sie sind eine Frau, ich bin eine Junge".

I thought it would be "Sie ist eine Frau".

Can someone please explain this? This is the only time I've seen it used like this so far so it comes out of left field. Thanks!

April 1, 2018



It is the formal you. You use it to adress an adult person you don't know very well.

If you know the woman well you can say "Du bist eine Frau". Duo should accept that.

If you say "Sie ist eine Frau" that would mean "She is a woman".


This "Sie" is the formal version of you, which you would expect from a boy addressing an adult woman. He would not say "Du bist eine Frau."

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I agree, it is just the polite form.


better: ich bin ein Junge

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Good catch.


the formal you uses the first person plural for addressing a single person.


In German the conjugation for formal you (both singular and plural) is the same as the third person plural.


oops, my mistake - third person plural, indeed. Take my regret and a lingot

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