"How many days have they walked?"

Translation:Combien de jours ont-ils marché ?

April 1, 2018

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"combien de jours ils ont marché" got marked wrong. Why can't we use it this way instead?


That is "How many days they have walked". Many times you can depend on intonation in the question but this is not such a case (try saying it out loud and you will see why).


I spelled the last word "marchée" and it accepted it, but I look here and see "marché". Which is correct, or are they both?


I think it is an error as the past participle marché is invariable as marcher is an intransitive verb.


Was this perhaps an audio exercise?

"Marchée" is not correct and not accepted, i.e., it does not appear on our list.


I wrote Combien de jours est-ce qu'ils ont marché ? In another, similar exercise, I used the "est-ce que" form of asking a question and was marked wrong even though structurally everything else was correct. Have I made an error, or is the program simply not set up to accept this variant?


I learn faster when the lesson starts out translating French into English. Why do so many lesson start out doing the reverse?


Why is this marche and not marcher like the other one?


This is in the past tense: ils ont marché, literally, "they have walked".

"Marcher" is in the infinitive form: "to walk".

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