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"Pâle" as "Light" vs. "Pâle" as "Pale"

[deactivated user]

    In one of the earlier lessons in colors I think I was allowed to use the adjective Pâle as light, as in color, once, but now the lessons correct to mean pale, which to me seems an unnatural way to describe colors. "I am wearing a pale pink coat," is just not something you hear people say.

    Clair works, yes? However i keep seeing pâle reappear in later lessons to describe especially the color of clothing.

    Is this more normal in french than in english to use paleness as a way to describe the shade of clothing, and is it not more usual to be translated into 'light' in english?

    April 1, 2018

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    No, it is not more usual. English uses "pale blue", "pale yellow" etc - I hear it a lot. Some consider "pale green", for example, to be a different shade of green to "light green" depending on the individual.

    I wouldn't get too concerned - it represents another word duolingo is trying to add to your French vocabulary. Yes, you must translate the sentences here accurately, using clair, pâle etc depending on the sentence, however, in actual real life, you can use whichever suits your purpose best, or feels most natural to you..

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