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Pro-drop language

I've noticed since some recent update or other that a lot of my translations that omit a subject are marked incorrect.

For example: 'They include a different suit.'

My answer: 'Incluyen un traje diferente.'

Wrong because it should be: 'Ellas incluyen un traje diferente.'

I know I can report individual sentences as problematic, but this seems to be happening a lot.

Spanish is a pro-drop language... many of the example sentences are already unnatural because they include 'él', 'yo', 'nosotros', etc. where real speakers don't, which I assume is to help us associate them with the conjugation. But surely they shouldn't be forced on us.

Anyone else notice this?

April 1, 2018



There are many new Spanish sentences where good translations are missing. Report them...


And it is a little irksome when you use Ellos and they say it is Ellas and there is no feminine adjective to have led you to believe it was a group of females ;) Weird, just weird.


Yes! Really now, lol


I think this comment that will explain why https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26750687

When new sentences are added more translations will be missing because fewer people have tested them.

I've been a bit annoyed by the numbers in the new Spanish content and felt like I was being forced to use AND when it was not necessary and wrong. As an example one hundred AND twenty, instead of one hundred twenty.

Now that I understand a bit more about how things work, I'm not annoyed.


EL5tEL, where are you from? I ask because English English almost always uses the "and" in numbers, and I've only ever heard numbers called without "and" in US English and derivatives.

We would say "one hundred and twenty" or "three thousand, one hundred and ninety five" here in the UK.

DL cannot possibly cover all the bases in the different variants of English in the translations, instead seems to select the most used or simplest or logical?

Take Care, Hasta Manana


I am from the US. I was taught in school that using the AND is incorrect. I agree that DL can't cover everything and that was actually what I was trying to convey in my post.


Fine El5tEL - - have a couple of lingots on me!

Now I can poke some fun and say - - maybe we can get you all to spell Night, Favour, and Aluminium correctly!

Funning of course :-)



Mel. Thanks for the favour (lingots). Just a note that my computer autocorrects your spellings - so even when I want to be nice, technology is stopping me. Ja Ja. El


To me including the subject only makes sense in the third person singular and plural.


Yes, I have noticed this recently and there was a previous message about it as well. It's annoying when I'm marked incorrect for a word that is optional. I've reported those I've seen but it's very distracting and gets in the way of actual learning.

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