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M' S' & 'T

I see this attached to some verbs. I want to understand how they are used because it's really confusing to read a book and don't understand want they do or mean.

April 1, 2018



M' is the abbreviation for moi, as in "Je m'a promenée" (literally, I walked myself). S' and t', similarly, are the abbreviations for se and toi, as in "On va s'appeler" (we are going to call each other) and "Elle t'aime" (she loves you). You'd use them in front of a verb that begins with a vowel.


RedheadedRogue, very good explanation. However, your example is unfortunate, it should be "Je ME SUIS promenée". Examples with m': "Je m'amuse, je m'habille". Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the correction, ajHenrot! I've still got a ways to go with etre/avoir, I see.

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