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"Teacher Wang only wants a cup of coffee."


April 1, 2018



Again, any reason why 想 is not accepted here?!? Reported

"王老师只想一杯咖啡" was marked as incorrect


Hello. 王老师只想一杯咖啡, in Chinese, means "Mr / Teacher Wang only thinks a cup of coffee."

As you might have noticed, this sentence doesn't sound right or natural in English. It doesn't sound right or natural in Chinese, either.

When you use 想 in a Chinese sentence to express one's desire and wishes, it is almost always followed by a verb. For example:

想做 = Want to do

想吃 = Want to eat

想喝 = Want to drink

By this logic, 想 appears to mean "want." But that is not the case. It only means "want" when another verb immediately follows it.

想, by it self, always means "think." For example:

想事情 = Think about something / things

想答案 = Think about solutions / answers

想点子 = Think about ideas

There, though unnatural and would probably never be said by a Chinese, the most accurate translation of your answer, 王老师只想一杯咖啡, would be:

"Mr. / Teacher Wang only thinks about a cup of coffee."

Once again, I must emphasize the fact that this sentence does not make sense in Chinese.


想要 also marked wrong.


2019年6月11號,reported it.


“王老师只想要一杯咖啡” would be better,I'm chinese


That's what I put and it was marked wrong. :/

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