"J'aide cet enfant car il est petit."

Translation:I am helping this child because he is small.

April 1, 2018

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I help the child because he is small is better English because it avoids the passive verb form. Because is also more modern than 'for'.


I help this child because he is small is already accepted.


I help this kid because he is small did not work although it is the same.


This is because enfant is translated as "child" whereas "kid" is much more causal in tone and is translated from "gamin."


But Duo translates enfant as kid in some exercises


the "correct" answer has a typo and wanted me to have the same typo! I wrote "I am helping..." Duo wanted "Iam helping" - told me I had an extra space. LOL No way to report it, though. Limited choices for correction. I could tell them if the French sentence had an error, but not if the English sentence did...


Next time this happens could you please take a screenshot and file a bug report? This is clearly a bug as it doesn't appear in the list of translated sentences. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


submitted screenshot


"I help this child as he is small" is not accepted !!


It is now. Thank you!


L'homme est beaucoup plus difficile pour moi à comprendre que la femme..


sorry but I do not agree with you, you can also use parce qu'il est petit...


Both car and parce qu' are correct here.


When would "car" be used versus "parce qu'?"


They are very similar and in many instances you can use one or the other. Parce que is a subordinating conjunction which introduces a motive or an explanation. It can also come at the beginning of a sentence. Car is a coordinating conjunction and cannot begin a sentence. It indicates the reason behind a previous statement. It is a slightly higher register of speech than parce que, and it is most often found in writing.


I put "J'aide sept enfants car il est petit" and got it right. That's being a little too generous there in my honest opinion...


Who would be "il" then? That's the question. So, I agree with you, that was a bit too lenient.


Yeah it would be ils sont petits. Not to mention it was supposed to be singular in the first place. Honestly I have a very hard time differentiating the pronunciation of the plural and singular unless I get lucky and a vowel follows.


Ha. Yes. I had an absolute brain fart and put "J'ai de sept enfants car il est petit". Not sure what the issue with my brain was at the time, but in any case, it was marked as correct. :D


Oh look, there's a button to add these words to TinyCards now. That's cool.


Since is not accepted in place of because. I think it should be accepted


I wrote, "I help this child because he is small" and got it wrong. Why?


That is a correct answer. Is it possible you made a typo?


Doesn't cet mean this or that? I put I am helping that child...


Cet does mean this or that; what was the rest of your sentence?


I help that child because he is small. The only difference what that I used "that" instead of "this".


Both "I help that child because he is small" and "I am helping that child because he is small" are in the database of accepted translations. If it happens again, and there are no typos, could you please get a screenshot and post it here? If the system is rejecting correct answers, it's a bug, and it needs to be reported.


Will do! Thanks


Why not I help this child because he is young


That would probably be "jeune".


It is possible to use 'parce que' instead of 'car' in this sentence


Yes, it is. But don't forget to elide it: parce qu'il est petit.

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