"Il a entendu le chien en entrant dans l'appartement."

Translation:He heard the dog while entering the apartment.

April 1, 2018

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Could this not just as logically be 'by entering'?


I put " on going into the apartment". As far as I know this is entirely synonymous with "on entering...." but it was rejected nonetheless.


How would you translate "He heard the dog entering the apartment"?


That sentence is ambiguous. One sense is "the dog [which was] entering the apartment". For that, I'd answer "Il a entendu le chien qui entrait dans l'appartement". Another sense is "heard the dog enter[ing] the apartment". I'm not confident enough to translate that one.


If he heard the dog entering the apartment, the French sentence would be different: "Il a entendu le chien qui entrait dans l'appartement".


Go in OR enter - not enter in


On entering is identical to upon entering. While implies a continuing act. While entering implies a rather long action.


If you now accept "upon entering the apartment," you should also accept the far less archaic "on entering the apartment."

[deactivated user]

    I give up! WHY is "while entering the apartment, he heard the dog" wrong??

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