"Les enfants regardent des vidéos depuis une heure."

Translation:The children have been watching videos for an hour.

April 1, 2018

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How would you say 'the children watch videos for one hour', which was marked incorrectly

  • Les enfants regardent des vidéos pendant une heure = The children watch videos for one hour
  • Les enfants regardent des vidéos depuis une heure = The children have been watching videos for one hour

"Pendant" indicates the duration. "Depuis" indicates when the action started, an action that is still going on.


I was marked wrong for "one hour" rather than "an hour". I protest!


"The children have been watching videos for one hour." is accepted; maybe there was something else wrong with your answer.


Why is "The children have been watching videos since one o'clock" incorrect?


Vous n'avez pas totalement tort, ce n'est tout simplement pas probable. En français, l'heure est généralement basée sur l'horloge de 24 heures. Alors, voulez-vous dire: les enfants regardent des vidéos depuis une heure du matin? ou depuis treize heures (une heure de l’après-midi) ?


How can this be 'have been watching? It is in the present tense. Surely a continuous past like 'regardaient' or 'ont regardé' is past. Please help me understand this.


I answered this same question twice above. Please read them, and ask again if you need clarification.


When does des mean some and when is it omitted from the English translation ? My translation 'some videos ' was marked wrong ,whereas ,other times ,for example ,my translation of 'bananas ' has been marked wrong because it should be 'some bananas'?


The "some" really should always be omitted in the English when the French article is "des". This added "some" is simply a learning tool to help English speakers visualize an article that doesn't exist in English.

  • Je regarde des vidéos = I am watching videos
  • Je mange des bananes = I am eating bananas

In any case, both with and without "some" will be accepted by Duolingo in most cases. You can report the omission if they are not. (I have just added the "some" in this particular exercise.)


Pourquoi pas: "The children have watched videos for more than an hour"?


It is just an hour, not more than that.

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