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"Der Junge spielt auf der Trommel."

Translation:The boy plays on the drum.

April 1, 2018



Kann man doch nicht sagen "Der Junge spielt die Trommel"? Hat es eine verschiedene Bedeutung?


I'm wondering the same thing. The English sentence makes it sound like there is a child on top of the drum playing.


As a native American English speaker, I'd say not necessarily. "Playing on the drum" or "playing on the piano" can mean playing the instrument.


What about "The boy plays the drums" i.e. as in a rock band. Can that be a valid translation for the German here?


If you want to make clear that the boy plays in a rock band you can say "Er spielt Schlagzeug" (drum kit) or "Er spielt die Drums" (kind of technical term in the pop'n'rock music scene).


Kann man doch nicht sagen "Der Junge spielt die Trommel"? Hat es eine verschiedene Bedeutung?


I believe Duo's version of the sentence indicates that he is playing on the drum right now, while "Der Junge spielt die Trommel" would imply that he is capable of playing the drums.


I understand that the German construction is "spielen auf + etwas", but why is the English version like that?


I think it is simply the wrong use of English. Unless the boy is on top of the drum playing, of course. The boy plays the piano, not on the piano. The boy plays the guitar.


It can be used that way. For example “on drums is charlie watts”


Yes, I can see if you were introducing someone you would use ‘on’. But would you say “Charlie Watts is playing on the drum/Charlie Watts plays on the drum”, which is the translation given here?


Exactly. The boy is playing the drum is more accurate than the boy is playing on the drum. Duo has got this one wrong.


The boy plays on the drum. this is what I entered and it was marked wrong, I believe this is an error


I think they have a mistake here ! Die Trommel and he plays on, on what? Nominativ Die Genitivder Dativ der Akusativ *die *


Oh, I see. "Auf" is a so called two way preposition.


"Er spielt auf der Trommel"

No moving implied, so auf+dative, so "auf der Trommel".

It would be "Er liegt es auf die Trommel" ("He lays it on(to) the drum": Accusative


"Dude" was marked wrong, but it was one of the suggestions. Can "junge" ever be translated as "dude"?

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