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Can someone help me translate this (German-English)?

Neidisch war ich nicht direkt. Ich holte mir die Bestätigung anders, zum Beispiel habe ich schon sehr früh Nachhilfeunterricht gegeben und mir davon bestimmte Extrawünsche erfüllen können. Außerdem ließ ich mich von Söhnen aus betuchten Familien ausführen.

April 1, 2018



You'll have a better response if you:

  1. Edit your post and use the drop-down menu at top left to change the topic from "Duolingo" to "German"
  2. Attempt the translation yourself and ask for corrections
  3. Don't use Google Translate to do your translation, really try it yourself.
  4. Start with something shorter. Translating a long passage like this takes a lot of time and folks won't generally help with an undertaking of this magnitude.


I did that now


addition: 5. Give a source and/or the context.

  • 2003

It would help if you could give some context (like how the story started). Or a bigger part of the text to know what's going on...


I was (definitively) not envious. I got [confirmation, attestation, verification, acknowledgement (choose the best one; meant is confirmation, that she does good things)] somewhere other, for example I have helped other kids, which are not very good at school (getting money for it) since I was very young. Through this I was able to fulfil myself some extraordinaty wishes. Also I let high-society-families' sons take me out.

Is this understandable?

Source: German native speaker using a Langenscheidt dictionary (©1972)

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