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"mu'tlheghvam Damughpa', yImon!"

Translation:Before you translate this sentence, smile!

April 1, 2018



The separate word 'e' acts as a pronoun representing the previous sentence as an object of the next sentence. However, Quch (and all of the "be" verbs) cannot take an object, so cannot use 'e'. I see three simple options (and a great many complex options, but there is no need for any of them).

The simplest option is to just remove the 'e' and make it two separate sentences. bIHeQ. jIQuch. "You comply. I am happy."

You could also just put a conjunction between the two sentences: bIHeQ 'ej jIQuch "You comply and I am happy."

To draw more of a connection, you could use the -mo' suffix: bIHeQmo' jIQuch "Because you comply, I am happy."


I'm glad that I found my way back here. "Because you comply, I am happy." In English, I'd be happy "at" (or "about" or "because of" something). But now I think I can see how being happy "at" something makes as little sense in Klingon as it does in English.


Hmm... It does make sense to be "mad" at something.

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