"Est-ce qu'Anne a un parapluie ?"

Translation:Does Anne have an umbrella?

April 1, 2018



With, names, he and she, the word used is 'has'. So, he has, she has as well as Mary has, Anne has is the normal usage in English. So, a question by putting does in the the front in my opinion should not change this usage of has.

April 1, 2018


Are you saying "Does Anne has an umbrella ?" should be accepted ? It isn't a grammatically correct sentence, as only one verb should be conjugated:
he/she/Anne has -> does he/she/Anne have ?

April 1, 2018


"to do" is conjugated, not "to have", which remains in the infinitive.

  • Do I have?
  • Do you have?
  • Does he/she/it have?
  • Do we have?
  • Do they have?
April 17, 2018


I forgot the question mark. Normally that is acceptable to the little owl, but not on this occasion

February 22, 2019
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