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"Les canards mangent les crêpes."

Translation:The ducks eat the crepes.

April 1, 2018



am I the only one who hears les canards as le canard and les crepes as le crepe?


Listen carefully please: "le" sounds "luh" and "les" sounds "lay".

The difference in the vowel sound between "le" and "les" is the same as between "the" and "they".

By the way "le crêpe" is not possible since it is a feminine noun: la crêpe


I didnt notice the difference, thank you. :D


To my ears, "les" sounds like "lay," whereas "le" sounds more like "luh" spoken through pursed lips.


Why are ducks eating crepes? Who would do that?

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Hungry ducks who are being fed some left-over crepes by someone with nothing better to do.


A crepe is a pancake so why mark it incorrect?


"Une crêpe" is "a crêpe". Please try to remember this when you get the reverse sentence for translation to French.


the ducks eat crepes. that's what I said. WHAT THE HECK???????

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At this point in the course, you must realize that learning French is not just putting in something that sounds right. It is a matter of translating the meaning of the French into English. When it says "les crêpes", it means "the crepes". If it was just "they are eating crepes", it would be "ils mangent des crêpes". The reason is that it does not refer to any specific crepes (the crepes), but an undetermined number/amount of them. It is not "a crepe" (une crêpe), but it is an unknown amount/number. For this purpose, the word "des" is used to show that it is plural, but not specific. Please see this link for some valuable information: https://www.thoughtco.com/du-de-la-des-1368977


what's wrong with pancake in ENGLISH?


Pancakes and crepes aren't the same. :O


So how please does one say in French "Ducks eat crepes". as a statement about ducks. Or horses eat hay. Thanks - GarethHanc1


Can't here mangent mean 'are eating' ?


Yes, "the ducks are eating the crepes" is accepted as well.

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