"Son chien sait s'essuyer les pattes sur le tapis."

Translation:Her dog knows how to wipe its feet on the rug.

April 1, 2018

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So how would you say "Her dog knows to wipe its feet on the rug"--like, it knows that wiping its feet on the rug is the appropriate behavior? This is what I put and it was marked wrong bc of the missing "how."


Knowing to how do something and knowing to do something are two different things.

  • I know how to say "Hello" in French when meeting strangers (I know that when meeting strangers the correct word to use is "Bonjour", not "Salut")
  • I know to say "Hello" in French when meeting strangers (I know its rude to start a conversation without saying "Hello" first)

How you express this difference in French I don't know. Possibly using "devoir" since knowing to do something is knowing you should do something.


"his dog knows how to wipe its paws on the carpet" is marked as wrong, even though 'paws' is listed under the hover selections for 'pattes'

Surely this is basic programming:

  1. if answer = feet/paws

  2. then answer = right

  3. elseif answer = wrong


You are right, but if they had to program every sentence like this, the app would never have been released!

Instead they have a pattern-matching algorithm to compare against. The pattern might look something like this:

  • [Her|His] dog knows how to wipe its [feet|paws] on the [rug|carpet].

This is eight ways to translate this sentence in one line, with no extra programming!

The editors might have just missed adding feet as well as paws.


Again, DL is saying that the correct option is one that isn't even displayed in the possible translations. ❤❤❤ folks?

[deactivated user]

    Could this also be "His dog..."?

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