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  5. "Don't kill him yet!"

"Don't kill him yet!"

Translation:wej yIHoH!

April 1, 2018



Wej yIHoHQo' was not accepted albeit it was the translation in an other exercise


Then that other exercise was wrong. If you find it, let us know where it is, please. (I can't find it right now.)

Also, Wej does not exist in Klingon; there is no capital W in the language.

wej already means "not yet", so wej yIHoH is "don't kill him yet".

wej yIHoHQo' would mean something like "don't not kill him yet", if it meant anything at all.


Just made the imperativ 3 exercise again. I confused two seperate sentences for one. wej yIHoH and yIHoHQo'. The capital W was a typo on my part as well. Thanks for clarifying


yIHoHQo' is "Don't kill him!"

wej yIHoH is "Don't kill him yet!"

With the wej, there's a "not" meaning present already, so it's not marked on the verb, but without it, you use -Qo' on the imperative to turn it into a negative imperative.

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