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Korean to English

Hi so I'm super confused I can translate Korean characters into english letter but how do I translate the english letter into english word with meanings.

For Example: 애교 = aegyo = __

I know what aegyo means but how do I translate aegyo into an english word I can understand.

Thanks hope someone can help me.

P.S need a little help wiht understanding the characters a little more can someone help.

April 1, 2018



Some words in Korean don't have explicit and tidy translations in English, so you have to look at the culture behind the words in order to get a grasp of the meaning.

For example, aeygo is somewhat like a 'level of cuteness' that a person has. Cuteness is measured in cute expressions/actions, how a person appeals to someone's better nature, etc. So, saying someone has a lot of aeygo means they are really cute.

Something like the cuteness overload syndrome, where if something/someone is so cute, you want to bite them and squeeze 'I could just eat you up!'.

April 1, 2018


If you do too much aegyo, other person might go 오글거려. LOL

April 4, 2018


I might be able to help. I just started learning korean, and it is hard, but I might be able to. Let me know!

April 2, 2018


Aegyo simply put can be described as acting cute. I can help you with the characters too! :)

April 3, 2018


I know that the website wordreference helped me better understand English words/expressions when I had to translate, and I know it has a Korean option too, but I can't read Korean for now, so I'm not sure if that part of the website would be of any help.

April 5, 2018


If I am understanding your question correctly, don't bother "translating" Korean letters into English letters. Learn the Korean alphabet (hangul). The English letters are simply to aid in pronunciation at the very first stages of learning. Converting Korean letters to English letters is known as "romanization" and is something you don't want to use any longer than necessary, as it is detrimental to learning proper Korean pronunciation.

In my opinion, the DL method of teaching the alphabet is terribly inefficient due to the heavy reliance on English letters. With the following youtube videos you can learn the alphabet pretty well in less than an hour--



Then convert your keyboard and start typing in Hangul.

April 8, 2018
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