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"Le temps est couvert pour le moment."

Translation:The weather is cloudy for now.

April 1, 2018



I thought cloudy = nuageux and overcast = couvert ?

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For now or for the moment both work in enflish

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Should accept "at the moment" as well as "for now"


"At the moment" is accepted if the rest is correct.


It is overcast at the moment is not accepted though.


'For the/this moment' seems to be the best fit one here because it means it's true now even if it will not be true in the future, implying that the weather is changing all the time. 'For now' is Briticism for 'for the time being' or 'for the present', all of which mean something is the case or will happen now but only until something else becomes possible or happens, stressing on its temporariness or expediency. BTW, when did Duo start speaking British English?


is it correct to say "le ciel est couvert" to mean the same thing as "le temps est couvert"?


I would say "couvert" == "overcast"


I agree with "overcast" and Duo has translated it as such. How else could you say overcast???


I know I am wrong but this is the I did interpret this sentence: two newscasters were arranging the news of the day and one of them said: " the weather is covered for now"

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