"I send a note to the teacher."

Translation:Yo le mando una nota a la maestra.

7 months ago



would it be considered wrong if the sentence didn't include le?

3 months ago


It told me it was wrong

2 months ago


Oops: Duo said: You missed a word. le mando una nota a al maestro.

7 months ago


Why not ? Yo envío una nota a la maestra or Yo le envío una nota a la maestra

4 months ago


It accepts le envió una nota al maestro

2 months ago

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I think "enviar" is a better word here than "mandar" .

I understand that "mandar" is similar to the English word "mandate" and would be used for sending an order, command or instruction (which may or may not be in writing). For example: "The doctor says Luis has cracked a bone in his ankle. Please excuse him from games for the next two weeks." --- "El doctor dice que Luis se agrietó un hueso en el tobillo. Por favor discúlpelo de los juegos durante las próximas dos semanas."

"enviar" is used for sending an item.

2 months ago
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