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  5. "Je me souviens du garçon."

"Je me souviens du garçon."

Translation:I remember the boy.

April 1, 2018



Why du garçon? Can you say je me souviens le garçon?


That is incorrect. in french we say "se souvenir de" meaning "remember of..." so instead of saying for example "se souvenir sa soeur" we say "se souvenir de sa soeur" (remember his sister). But then "de" and "le" cannot follow eachother in a sentence as it sounds odd, so both words are contracted as one being "du". so instead of being "se souvenir de le garçon" we say "se souvenir du garçon". Hope it helps


Thank you, the "de" belongs to the souvenir part, now I get it.


Can you just confirm for me that it is always "se souvenir de" (as in "de" always follows). Or are there examples without this? Thanks


I can't think of any example without ''de'' after when ''se souvenir'' is the only verb of the sentence. However, when there is a second verb following ''se souvenir'' there is a litteral word for word translation

I remember WHERE he traveled --> Je me souviens OÙ il a voyagé

He remembers THAT you did it --> Il se souvient QUE tu l'as fait

I can't remember WHO they are --> Je ne me souviens pas QUI ils sont

and so on


does this only apply to remember. How about other reflexive verbs?


Technical issues. Predetermined spaces do not allow correct words to fit in.

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