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  5. "¡Solo tenemos un minuto!"

"¡Solo tenemos un minuto!"

Translation:We only have a minute!

April 1, 2018



Rejected "we have only one minute." This is the correct placement of "only." Reported 01 April 2018.


Wouldn't that be "tenemos sólo un minuto"? Are both acceptable sentences?


Both are proper sentences.


My guess is that it was marked wrong more for the use of "one" instead of "a", as opposed to the placement of "only." When people say "just a minute," they don't mean precisely ONE minute; they simply mean a short amount of time. In addition, while your placement of "only" may be the correct one, that's not how most people talk.


If that's the case then only 'one minute' should be accepted because that's what the Spanish sentence means.


"We only have one minute" accepted August 2020


Duo accepted "We have just one minute." today. 11/7/2018


Either placement is proper. Either you focus on what you have ("only have"), or on how many minutes you've got ("only one minute").


Lee, thanks! "We have only one minute!" accepted 7/27/18.


sólo = only solo = alone

Why does this sentence use solo?


According to the RAE, Real Academia Española, it is recommended that we utilize "solo" in every situation, even in the situations where ambiguity is present. Source: http://www.rae.es/consultas/el-adverbio-solo-y-los-pronombres-demostrativos-sin-tilde


I'm pretty sure that in other examples on Duolingo "sólo" is used as the translation for "only".


Why is "solo" the first word in the sentence.
I understand that adverbs are often placed immediately before the verb. But this is not the adverbial form because there is no accent. So, it must modify a noun. There are just two nouns in the sentence--"we" and "minute".
"Only we" is unlikely because the meaning of such a phrase would be "just we have a minute".
So, "solo" must be modifying "minute"--"just a minute".
That makes more sense.
BUT why is "solo" at the other end of the sentence from the word it modifies?
Why not "Tenemos un solo minuto."?


It is an adverb here. Solo can be used as either adjective or adverb (or pronoun, for that matter).

Your last sentence translates as "We have a lone minute."


But why is it not tenemos solo un minuto? And how would you say in Spanish only we have a minute?


You can say either "Solo tenemos un minuto" or "Tenemos solo un minuto", it doesn't make a difference. The former version just sounds better, just like "We only have a minute" sounds better than "We have only a minute." Or at least those versions are used more frequently.

If you want to say "Only we have ...", you need to include the subject pronoun, since that is being focused on now: "Solo nosotros tenemos ..."


Is anyone else having trouble with the audio?


Yes, there was NO audio for this one. I find this happens a lot on Duolingo where it is fine then suddenly you get to a question and it just won't give you any sound. I usually just say I can't listen now but it is very frustrating :-(


Not in this lesson.


british "We've only got a minute" not accepted


Are you old enough to remember Paddy Pantsdown?


Reported again 29 dec 18


Anyone else start singing Take That, or that just me?


sólo means only, solo means alone. I checked on SpanishDict.com


The RAE has discouraged the use of the accent on sólo a few years back, so it's usually just spelt solo in either case. Now the accent should only be placed in case there is an ambiguity that needs resolving.

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If you wanted to stress we have one and not two minutes, would you ever say ¨uno minuto¨? Or is it it always ¨un¨ even if you want to tress that it is one minute and not just a minute?


In front of a masculine noun, it's always un. Spanish doesn't make a difference between "a" and "one" like English does. Or more so, I don't know any other language than English that makes this difference.


How would you say "Only we have a minute" (i.e. others dont have a minute)


"Solo nosotros tenemos un minuto."


Either answer should be accepted. This needs to be fixed.


Me, taking their one minute to figure out what they just said to me...


Why is "All we have is one minute!" not correct?


Your sentence means exactly the same as Duo's preferred answer.
However, Duo is unlikely to accept it because they demand the word "only" or an obvious synonym like "just".

Did you report it? Duo might prove me wrong.


I read this as an adverb. I thought that required accented sólo. Sólo tenemos un minuto. We ONLY HAVE a minute. Duo corrects my accent to solo.


Don, the RAE discourages the use of the accent on solo since the last decade. Now solo is unaccented in every circumstance, unless it's important to clarify whether it's an adverb.


I am learning my third language, using my second language, English. When I forget a small letter as the last "e" in "minute", i find it to be sooo annoying and demotivating.

Really, Duolingo? I understood the spanish sentence perfectly, but wrote the English "minute" without the "e", and you mark it as wrong?


Gustav, that sounds a bit odd. "Minut" is neither a Spanish nor an English word, so it should have counted as a typo. You might have made another mistake.


I've found Duo does mark some typo's wrong.
It depends on the word.
This is routine for leaving the "s" off of plurals.
Seems Duo will always mark that wrong.


Why is solo placed first?


Florence, solo is an adverb here modifying the verb tener, so it's in front of it.


Should have an accent on the first -o-


Mike, the RAE has been discouraging the use of accents on solo as well as on the demonstrative pronouns este, ese, aquel and friends since a few years ago. You should only use accents on those anymore if you need to make a distinction that you couldn't guess otherwise.


Thank you for your patience. I'm losing count of the number of times you have responded about the accent.


Because of the exclamation mark at the beginning n end,my answer is "Only one minute we have ". Is it wrong?


"Tenemos solo un minuto"? Isn't this right as well? Shout out to the native speakers anyone. Thanks in advance.


We alone have a minute ... literally. Or alone we have a minute.


This we only have 1 minute thing has been repeated several times in this lesson. Why!?


I put minutos instead of minuto. Jajajjaa


What if solo comes after tenemos


When do you use solo and when solamente?


Rejected "We only have a minute" because I didn't include an exclamation point. But this was an audio test...how are we supposed to know that there should have been an exclamation point?

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