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  5. "Sono le undici di sera."

"Sono le undici di sera."

Translation:It is eleven at night.

March 22, 2013



why isn't it "è" instead of "sono"?


In general, for time, use sono for all the numbers except for one*. After all, all of the numbers except for one are plural. É l'una. Sono le due. Sono le tre..... .. Sono le undici.

(*I believe that mezzogiorno and mezzonotte are also singular)


I think that's the pattern I was looking for. It's kind of like phrases like this more so count the hours than they do just state the time. Like a shorthand and to the point way of saying "the hour, it goes to one" and "the hours they go to eleven".


The missing word is "hours", plural, so it's a plural verb. Sono undici ore


"It is 11 p.m." would be the most natural translation into English and should be one of the accepted versions here.


wouldn't they use a 24 hour clock and say it's 2300?


I'd guess it's like here in Sweden: we officially use the 24-hour clock, but in casual conversation we usually say "eight in the morning", "ten o'clock tonight", etc. The 24-hour system is mostly used in writing, on computers and the like.


this is very difficult to understand


I put "it is 11:00 at night" and it was marked wrong.

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