"Kwa heri kaka!"

Translation:Goodbye, brother!

April 1, 2018

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"Kwa heri" from kwa (“by, with”) + heri (“luck”)


It's this normally one word? Kwaheri


Goodbye brother or mother, father, sister etc. the way that it would most commonly be use is when someone has passed on. I was raised to never say bye among close relatives or friends because bye is forever but to say I see you later, or just "later" for short.


Good bye is not "forever", or people wouldn't use it amongst the living


@ThomBoye Perhaps, maybe it's where I grew up in the U.S. or a tradition passed on, shrugs. As I stated, I was raised to never say goodbye as a farewell to friends and family to whom I may see again. The irony, we tend to say goodbye or bye for short when talking to strangers or people we never expect to speak to or hear from again, e.g. a representative on a business call or random person you made a conversation with. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with saying goodbye on a departure. I was just saying, the way people choose to use words may slighly vary even if you share the same culture.


Hovering over kaka suggests it can mean either brother or brothers plural, but system says this is a typo. Google translate suggests kaka for brother and ndugu for brothers. Anyone have insight on how to do plural correctly?

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