"Mon comptable est sérieux."

Translation:My accountant is serious.

April 1, 2018

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What is the difference between " an accountant" and "a book-keeper" ? Thanks .


'Bookkeeper' should be accepted, imo.


You have just told me that 'comptable' is feminine, why not 'ma comptable' please ?


In general, comptable can be masculine (when referring to a male accountant or an accountant with unknown gender) or feminine (when referring to a female accountant). However, in this sentence, because the adjective "sérieux" is in the masculine form, we know that the noun it agrees with must also be masculine, so "ma" is incorrect.


Thank you but I was refering to a previous exercise in which I wrote from the audio 'cet comptable cache des choses'. I was advised that the correct answer is 'cette' and that comptable is feminine. It occurs to me now that I may simply have been insensitive to the pronunciation. --- Even over five years continuous effort, how do you find time for all that achievement.?


Ah okay - for that listening exercise, “cet” is incorrect because the next word doesn’t begin with a vowel sound. “Cet” is only used with masculine singular nouns that begin with a vowel sound; masculine singular nouns that don’t begin with a vowel sound use “ce”. So for that particular sentence, the answer had to be “cette”, since “comptable” doesn’t start with a vowel sound. It was saying that “comptable” is feminine because in that particular sentence, it had to be feminine since it was preceded by “cette”.

I just make sure to do at least a little bit every day. I also don’t do much in languages that I feel pretty solid in. The streak is based on activity in any language, so I don’t have to do every language every day.


Fine answer, thank you.


Is this really pronounced "seh-REH" as in the audio? I would have thought "seh-ree-UH"..?


The woman's voice kind of swallows the end of the word and the last 'ee-uh' sound is not clear.


The pronunciation is very unclear. I had no idea what the last word was!

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